If you look at the facts on this page, you will know more about the condition of the American economy than most Members of Congress.

Our mission is to give you enough economic information to be an informed, educated voter, and to ask the relevant questions of all the candidates for federal office. We are non-partisan, and we don’t have time to cast blame for the mistakes of the past. However, we believe the United States is in an economic emergency. Read on and decide for yourself.

-$507 Billion

Current Trade Deficit

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-$735 Billion

Current Budget Deficit

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national debt

Our financial condition is much worse than just this number of total U.S. debt.

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Look What We Have Done to Our Country…

Toxic Washington politics and Wall Street greed are destroying America. But there is still time to save our country if we work together.
You decide.


The three number blocks above tell our financial condition as a country, and red ink is not a good sign.  In 2014 alone, we imported $508 Billion dollars more in goods and services than we sold to the World.  And those red ink numbers have been accumulating for 25 years, more than $9 Trillion in trade imbalance.  The official government statistics are shown here: Top Countries with which the U.S. has a Trade Deficit

At $28,000 per job, we have exported more than 18 million jobs; the poor and disadvantaged have suffered the most; our industrial capacity has been devastated; and almost no one in our government has said a word.  Bernie Sanders has mentioned these statistics in his campaign; Donald Trump has alluded to them.  No one has proposed any real solutions.

We are borrowing almost the same amount, half a Trillion dollars a year, in order to support our unemployed, retired, welfare recipients, expanding bureaucracy. . . .so many that we now estimate more than 146 million Americans are getting some form of payment from the federal government.  We are approaching $20 Trillion in national debt.  That’s more than $57,000 per person and more than $155,000 per taxpayer.

These are issues facing our country that could easily determine our survival in the very near future.  Economically, we are perilously weak.  Lack of jobs and income have created vast disparities within our society.  And every political candidate for national office has a lot of questions to answer.  But you have to do the asking.  If you don’t know even this basic, factual information, the candidates will get away with the usual, absurd responses to issues they’ve always used.  

On your behalf, Independent Voters.com is asking the questions.  If you sign up, we will keep you informed of their answers (or their lack of answers) on a regular basis.  Don’t think your participation is meaningless.  It’s the solution.

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Running On Empty

With so many promises to pay people from a Treasury that’s so deeply in debt, why do they keep spending money?

The simple, easy answer to the question of why spending continues is that no one has figured out how to stop them.

The American people have become addicted to free money. It isn’t just free lunch anymore, it’s free everything. And the Federal Reserve has led the way with its printing of $4 Trillion dollars they called “Quantitative Easing.” That’s Washington Newspeak for “Free Money.”

Corporate Tax “Inversion”(Tax Dodging)

Corporate Tax Inversion

The size of America’s trade deficit with the World is huge. Although foreign governments are eager to promote their sales to us, it’s primarily American companies that have created the deficit.

They call themselves “multi-nationals,” which is your first clue about their level of interest in the American people, our economy and our position in the World. Their attitude also has an enormous impact on our economic safety. That level of injury can only be matched by the insult of their tax avoidance schemes.

We had to rely “on the stupidity of the American voter” to pass the Affordable Care Act.


MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber (known as “Hans Gruber” among conservatives), was the principal architect of Obamacare. Everyone in the drafting process knew they were creating a new tax that would take money from healthy people and give it to unhealthy people.

Even the Supreme Court agreed that Obamacare is a tax, and all the liberals knew the measure had no chance if the truth was known.

Trade Deficit- The Monster Devouring America

Trade Deficit

In 2014, America suffered an enormous trade deficit with the World. Foreign countries, aided by so-called “American” companies, sold us $508 billion more in goods and services than they bought from us.

For nearly 25 years, there has been no such thing as “trade balance.”. . .only a huge, destructive deficit that has displaced more than 30 million American workers from their jobs.

Influence Peddlers: They’re Everywhere

When Members of Congress tire of the fight, they can look forward to a lucrative retirement plan (that they created for themselves) including full medical benefits and other perks. Some actually leave Washington to return to their hometowns.

But many stay in The Capitol to “cash-in,” as it’s known, on their relationships. Some actually go to work for the companies that were their major contributors.