We Know Influence Peddling Is A Sport In Washington, But Who Represents Us? The answer is supposed to be your elected representatives. But campaign contributions seem to get more attention

Influence Peddlers: They’re Everywhere

When Members of Congress tire of the fight, they can look forward to a lucrative retirement plan (that they created for themselves) including full medical benefits and other perks. Some actually leave Washington to return to their hometowns.

But many stay in The Capitol to “cash-in,” as it’s known, on their relationships. Some actually go to work for the companies that were their major contributors.

Running On Empty

With so many promises to pay people from a Treasury that’s so deeply in debt, why do they keep spending money?

The simple, easy answer to the question of why spending continues is that no one has figured out how to stop them.

The American people have become addicted to free money. It isn’t just free lunch anymore, it’s free everything. And the Federal Reserve has led the way with its printing of $4 Trillion dollars they called “Quantitative Easing.” That’s Washington Newspeak for “Free Money.”