Trade Deficit- The Monster Devouring America

Posted: 05/08/2016 2:04 pm

In 2014, America suffered an enormous trade deficit with the World.  Foreign countries, aided by so-called “American” companies, sold us $508 billion more in goods and services than they bought from us.  For nearly 25 years, there has been no such thing as “trade balance.”. . . .only a huge, destructive deficit that has displaced more than 30 million American workers from their jobs. 

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Here is the list of our “trading partners” and what they have cost us.  There is no partnership involved.  America is the victim of a systemic, well-organized plan to devastate our economy.

Here is the U.S. Government list of countries with the biggest destroyers of the American economy, and how much they have taken from us in jobs, industrial capacity, capital, technology and everything that made us the wealthiest nation on Earth.

25 Year total Trade in goods (1989-2014)

If you select the link for any of the countries in the list below, you will find the totals for each of these trade deficit “partners” with their annual amount of their trade deficits.

The red numbers below are 25-year cumulative total deficits.

1. China -3,639,861,800,000
2. Germany -830,659,800,000
3. Japan -1,687,578,900,000
4. Mexico -860,236,700,000
5. Canada -909,228,200,000
6. Saudi Arabia -350,718,400,000
7. Ireland -323,179,200,000
8. Italy -352,091,200,000
9. Korea, South -250,733,300,000
10. Vietnam

We have to borrow money to support all those unemployed Americans, and now, we are the biggest debtor nation on Earth.  And the devastation continues.  This explosion of trade imbalance is economic warfare.  Our adversaries don’t have to fight the U.S. Armed Forces.  They can just bleed us to death until we have no economic ability to resist or defend ourselves.

Why is it that Congress and the President have done absolutely nothing about it?

The answer is an American Tragedy: they don’t know anything about economics.  Most have never created a wealth-producing job.  Most of them wouldn’t know how to earn a living unless they became lobbyists for the companies who are exporting American jobs in the name of profit for themselves.  Washington really is the rat-hole you think it is.

But there must be some Members of Congress who realize what has happened to us.  Are there any candidates for federal office who would adopt a plan to require trade balance among our trading nations?  Not if they are being pressured by foreign countries, foreign companies and international companies who have created this devastation.  In 2014 alone, our trade deficit cost us more than 18 million jobs at the average wage of $28,000 per year.

We are asking every candidate for federal office if they support the idea of trade balance.  You can see the questionnaire by clicking here.  We are asking for their ideas and their willingness to vote to preserve and resurrect American jobs.  You can see their answers (or lack of answers) here.

We believe this is the biggest issue in the 2016 elections.  There are currently 146 million Americans on some form of welfare, food stamps, social security and other forms of government handouts, and the remaining workers are paying to support them.  It isn’t enough so we are borrowing $500 billion every year to make up the difference.  How long can that go on?  Over the last 25 years, our trade deficit has exceeded $9 trillion.  Do the math.  It’s the primary reason you know so many young people who can’t find work. . . .why so many people are taking money from the federal government.  The trade deficit is the primary reason our national debt is passing $20 trillion.

Eliminating the trade deficit could eliminate the U.S. budget deficit if we act soon enough.  It’s time for you to get involved.


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