Look What We Have Done to Our Country…

Posted: 04/12/2016 3:34 pm

Toxic Washington politics and Wall Street greed are destroying America. But there is still time to save our country if we work together.
You decide.


The three number blocks above tell our financial condition as a country, and red ink is not a good sign.  In 2014 alone, we imported $508 Billion dollars more in goods and services than we sold to the World.  And those red ink numbers have been accumulating for 25 years, more than $9 Trillion in trade imbalance.  The official government statistics are shown here: Top Countries with which the U.S. has a Trade Deficit

At $28,000 per job, we have exported more than 18 million jobs; the poor and disadvantaged have suffered the most; our industrial capacity has been devastated; and almost no one in our government has said a word.  Bernie Sanders has mentioned these statistics in his campaign; Donald Trump has alluded to them.  No one has proposed any real solutions.

We are borrowing almost the same amount, half a Trillion dollars a year, in order to support our unemployed, retired, welfare recipients, expanding bureaucracy. . . .so many that we now estimate more than 146 million Americans are getting some form of payment from the federal government.  We are approaching $20 Trillion in national debt.  That’s more than $57,000 per person and more than $155,000 per taxpayer.

These are issues facing our country that could easily determine our survival in the very near future.  Economically, we are perilously weak.  Lack of jobs and income have created vast disparities within our society.  And every political candidate for national office has a lot of questions to answer.  But you have to do the asking.  If you don’t know even this basic, factual information, the candidates will get away with the usual, absurd responses to issues they’ve always used.  

On your behalf, Independent Voters.com is asking the questions.  If you sign up, we will keep you informed of their answers (or their lack of answers) on a regular basis.  Don’t think your participation is meaningless.  It’s the solution.


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